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The New Brunswick Women's Institute has 1000 members registered in 100 branches and 16 districts around the province. Any New Brunswick woman, 18 years of age and over, can join the NBWI.

The NBWI is a member of the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada; there is a chapter in each Province of Canada. The FWIC is in turn part of the largest non-profit women's organization in the world. The Associated Country Women of the World has over nine million members in 74 countries on five continents. The ACWW family of organizations fosters the development of leadership and the involvement of women in building stronger communities, families and countries.

The NBWI is dedicated to informing and educating women about issues and events of concern to them and their communities. It also has a strong homemaking and craft heritage.

The NBWI objectives are accomplished at monthly Branch meetings, fund raising events to support the needs of their community, and regular workshops, and social occasions. There are yearly conventions and planning sessions in each district. Each May all NBWI members are encouraged to attend a multiple-day Provincial Convention held in various venues around the province.

The New Brunswick Women's Institute owns and operates a senior citizens' home in Woodstock that gives priority to former or active members.

The NBWI receives some support from the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries regarding administrative issues arising from the application of the provincial Women's Institue and Institut Féminin Act. Lynn Moore, Manager of Stewardship, Land and Environment Branch, is DAAF's current director for WI issues.

There is a Provincial Office in Fredericton with a competent Administrative Officer, Rose D'Amour, who edits and publishes a quarterly provincial newsletter: Home and Country. Contact the Office for more information on the Institute.

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